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Can I use Epoxy River Cutting Boards?

When I talk with people about my Epoxy River Cutting Boards, I always get this question, "Can I use it as a cutting board?" and the answer is....     YES! The name says it all, Cutting Board!

These boards are made from high quality Kiln dried hardwoods like Walnut and Cherry. They are some of the best materials for an all natural wood cutting boards. They're great because of the density of the grain. The grain is the directional wood fibers that grow together and form the tree. When the fibers are closer together, they create a denser and more durable wood, which makes a great surface for slicing and dicing. Cutting Board

When I started making these boards, I wanted to make something that was beautiful but also functional, so I had an idea. I routed out a shallow channel in the wood on one side to capture the epoxy and form a "River" of epoxy. This made the board dual purpose by allowing the board to be flipped over for knife work, then flipped back for serving. You do not want to cut on the epoxy side! cutting on the River side will scratch and chip the epoxy.

But this created an issue, what do I use to protect the wood and epoxy. Mineral oil was not an option because the epoxy would not hold the oil after a few uses and washes. I couldn't use varnish or urethane because they are not food grade finishes. Then I found Tung oil.

.Tung Oil Cutting Board       

Tung oil is my trusted finish because it's an all natural food grade finish and after all, it comes from a TREE! The Tung tree! it's made by pressing the seed of the nut and releasing the oil. Once the oil hits air, it polymerizes and hardens giving the wood a protective finish against the elements, especially moisture, and will give the wood a deep rich color to it. Tung Oil was discovered for it's use in China where the tree originates and now is widely popular in woodworking all over the world. Check out more on Wikipedia.

If your convinced about the Epoxy River Cutting Board, then head over and pick one up from my online store!


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