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Rock Woodworks

Butcher Block Cherry

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    This all natural wood End Grain Butcher Block is handcrafted with locally sourced materials.  Butcher Blocks are the best cutting surface for any of your kitchen needs.

 Cherry wood has a beautiful light red glow to it and will add richness to your kitchen decor.

Each Block comes with handles built into the side for portability.

Care for instructions - use Food Grade mineral oil to protect the wood from moisture, never place in dishwasher and only clean with vinegar, kosher salt and lemon juice. Each board comes seasoned with an oil/beeswax mixture.

       ***** Check out the Board Conditioner! Its a great all-natural coating to protect the wood and made from beeswax and  food grade mineral oil. ******

Each Block comes with rubber feet mounted for a non-slip cutting experience and has been treated with board conditioner for its initial coat.

Size -  18" x 12" x 1.5



Care information

Care For Your Board!!!

It's Important to take care of your Board so your board can care for you!

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